The colors of 2017


While perhaps not quite as fleeting as the trends in fashion, there are trends in interior decoration as well. In fact there’s often a correlation between the trend colors in fashion and interiors.

After years with a minimalistic style with white and gray as the dominant “color palette”, the past year has seen a revival of more colorful interiors (yes, even here in Scandinavia..:) In fact there’s now such a wide variety of colors it’s difficult to point out just one or two trend colors. ¬†Instead “colorful” seems to be the main prediction for most interior designers when asked about 2017.

But there are however a few colors standing out, such as pink. Pink is a trend that continues from 2016. Different shades of yellow is also something we’ll see more of. And keeping with the natural trend that’s been dominating for a couple of years, with natural materials such as wood and stone, earth colors are also very trendy. Particularly brown in various tones. And of course, like in the fashion industry:

“blue will be everywhere in 2017”

But keeping up with the latest trends in interior design can easily become both expensive and time-consuming with constant renovations. Not too mention buying a new sofa every other year is not exactly enviromentally friendly. Therefore many interior designers suggests painting the walls in neutral colors – the same with the big furniture pieces such as sofas and dining room sets. If you keep those in a more timeless and classic style and color, you can instead change out smaller items such as fabrics, decorations and wall art and keep up with the latest trends.

And of course the most important thing of all – make your home personal and a place where YOU love to be!


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