Scandinavian interior trends for 2018

This past year the Danish word hygge has made its way around the world. Translating roughly to “cosiness”, hygge can be difficult to define. More than anything it is a feeling of creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life.

This is also the perfect way to describe one of the key trends in interior design of 2018! In contrast to the minimalism we’ve seen in recent years, a home should now be the place for – you guessed it – hygge.

Use colors, materials and objects that makes you happy!

Create a warm and cozy atmosphere for yourself and your family. Your home should be a place where you can relax and leave the stress of the world on the other side of the door. A variety of textiles and materials with structures helps create the warm atmosphere. Green plants are also a big hit; the more the merrier. In addition, the Scandinavian nature continues to be one of the most important sources for inspiration for designers and wood is still one of the absolute hottest materials.

Darker colors, from black and gray to deep blues and greens gives the room a warmer feeling. Colors such as gold, maroon, teal and green are all predicted to be this years it-colors. Add some smaller items in a contrasting color such as pink or vibrant green to really make the room pop!


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