About us 

Photography is a lifestyle. We combine light, colors, people, animals, nature, design and the nordic feel into what we have called Nordicolor!

We create art about things we love for people who love the same things as us. The free-spirited. The nature-inspired. The ones that live for the different things and crave an independent style. Yes, you!

We met while studying art photography many many years ago. After graduation we both quickly realized no one would be offering us any solo exhibits at MoMA anytime soon, so instead we both started working as photographers, covering everything from real estate and portraits to advertising, as well as a few other odd jobs.

We are based in Oslo, Norway and founded in 2016 by Nadina Helen Bakos and Mona Gullstein. You will find pictures from others places on this beautiful earth. We just love to travel. Maybe we have pictures from your city?

Our photographers 

I love to…..

I must admit that my favorite camera is…..

Once a week I take……..

Nadina Helen Bakos


I dream about…..

When I am not in Oslo I am …..

My adorable little friend Aurora….

Mona Gullstein

Partner and photographer